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EnviDan Group

Who are we?

The EnviDan Group is an environmental  company specializing in innovative solutions to climate change, wastewater treatment and handling, water resources, water supply and biogas.

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EnviDan A/S

 Klima - Spildevand - Renseanlæg - Afløbsteknik - IT


EnviDan Water A/S

 Vandforsyning - Vandressourcer - Kildepladser - IT


GasCon - EnviDan Energy A/S

 Energi - Biogas - Gasopgradering - Kraftvarme


EnviDan International A/S

 Climate - Water - Waste water - Energy - IT


Purenova Miljöteknik AB

 Reningsverk - Processdesign - Onlinestyrning - IT